A Free Q & A "How to Buy Short Sale/Pre-Foreclosure Properties"   


What is a Short Sale?

A “Short Sale” is a NEGOTIATED sale of a home when the homeowner owes more on the property than what’s its worth and the lender accepts the offer.



Why would a Lender accept less than what they are owed – accepting a Short Pay now vs. Complete a Foreclosure?


Because lenders/banks are not in the Real Estate Business but in the Interest Earning business. They look for what will give them the greatest return of principal in the shortest amount of time so they can put that money out and earn interest on it again. Intuitional lenders have regulations that require them to set-aside (tie-up) cash and assets on their balance sheet to off-set non-performing loans (loans in default). The sooner they can get these loans off their balance sheets, they can free up those cash and assets again – even if they have to book a loss on the loan, it may be better than tying up the cash and assets while they go through the foreclosure process, get the house ready to sell by doing any possible repair work and they still have to pay all the fees that incurred like back taxes, attorney fees, title and escrow fees, and etc.


How Do I Find Short Sale Properties?

  1. Send out Postcards to homeowners in the neighborhoods you are interested in
  2. Place banner ads out
  3. Door Knocking – homes that have been on the market over 60 days, that look in disrepair
  4. Look in the paper for homes advertised by wholesalers investors or realtors
  5. MLS “Property description” sometimes have notes “Short Sale – Subject to Lender’s Approval”
  6. Use a realtor that has an inventory or access to Short Sale Properties

How Do I Buy Short Sale Properties?


1.  First thing is to find out if foreclosure proceedings have started – Notice of Default    (normally will be sent to a borrower after 3 consecutive missed payments) 90 days later the Sale Date is set and the owner have 5 business days before sale date to re-instate the loan or get property sold

2.  Have the seller(s)/owners sign an authorization to release information so that you can talk  to the bank on their behalf

3.  Call the lender and ask for their Short Sale Package

4.  Put the Short Sale Package together



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 Taunee English, GRI, SFR (is one of the first Realtors to obtain the nationally recognized designation as a Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource)  is an accountant & business manager for over 16 yrs for small to mid-size business in various industries ranging from A-Z. She was an Enrolled Agent with the IRS for 4 yrs(Tax Specialist) & has expanded her biz to include real estate services in order to fulfill the needs of her biz mgmt clients who needed to buy & finance commercial properties to house their businesses & investment properties as retirement assets. Has over 10 years of property mgmt exp. in multi--family units & commercial buildings. Also assist her client's employees in buying their 1st home or selling of their homes-"Short Sales" are the #1 listings she has sold.